Kacey Musgraves Has Questions About Creation for “The Architect”

I’m no theologian, but it surely appears to me the title character of Kacey Musgraves’s “The Architect” might be God… The identify Architect shouldn’t be too far off from Creator.

This tune approaches the world as a murals, and reaches out for the artist’s hand.

Musgraves hides complexity in easy questions. She begins with an apple. Its “good design” is what prompts her first request to “converse to the architect.” She calls it “candy and divine,” linking it with God and putting it in her mouth – to know that it’s candy, she should have tasted it.

This will get attention-grabbing once we do not forget that the forbidden fruit of Eden is usually depicted as an apple. This casts Musgraves within the position of Eve. In Genesis, consuming the apple exiles Eve and Adam from the place the place they’d direct communication with God. On this tune, the sweetness of an earthly apple is what prompts Musgraves to name out to the divine.

One other biblical story will get turned inside out within the second verse.

“There’s a canyon that cuts by means of the desert,” Musgraves reviews, and wonders, “Did it get there due to a flood?” Already having Genesis in thoughts, we might suppose the flood she’s speaking about is the one in every of which Noah and his household have been the only real survivors. The picture of the canyon resembles a wound; it “cuts” the panorama. However Musgraves encounters it as a murals. What she needs to know is, “Was it devised, or have been you shocked / Whenever you noticed how grand it was?”

Supposing that the Grand Canyon is a fingerprint of the deluge, Musgraves wonders if God knew the sweetness that might be created by this damaging act. Both reply to her query paints God as primarily inventive, even in apocalyptic moods. If tracing out the Grand Canyon was a deliberate results of the flood, it means that God was considering, even at His most wrathful, a few future wherein somebody could be there to expertise the fantastic thing about the world. Alternatively, if even God was shocked by how nicely it turned out, it means that God can’t assist however create, even when which means to destroy.

Musgraves’s attraction “Can I converse to the architect?” is a humorously trendy means of placing the query – it feels like she’s asking to speak to your supervisor. However taking the query severely figures this tune as a type of prayer. She instantly addresses “the architect” in her lyrics.

With this chorus, she appears to surprise if she’s getting by means of.

Just like the apple, the instrumentation on this tune is each easy and complicated. Acoustic guitar and piano type the muse of this tune, however their components are layered, diverse, and panned such that the tune feels dynamic and driving even with out drums.

Musgraves’s ends the tune by questioning her entire premise: “Is there an architect?” It’s a jarring flip; it breaks the lyrical sample she’s been following, and it alters the fundamental assumptions of the tune on the final minute. Musgraves additionally drops the query after which ends the tune. This struck me at first as a means of shirking the query, however you possibly can see it as giving the query to the reader.

On the final minute, Musgraves turns to us and asks what we expect.

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