“Half Residing Issues is a report that satisfies that mosh-hungry hardcore itch.” Alpha Wolf combine rampaging heaviness with injections of vulnerability on album quantity three

Within the sneering phrases of rapper Ice-T -“that is Alpha Wolf, motherfucker – you wanna die?” 2020’s A Quiet Place To Die demonstrated the Aussie metalcore crew’s capability to unleash absolute vitriolic carnage – and Half Residing Issues is right here to reignite that flame of frazzled, antagonistic wrath. 

From Double-Edge Demise’s maniacal stampede of drums to the goading snarl of nu-metalcore stand-out Sucks 2 Suck, Alpha Wolf serve up colossal waves of hardcore fury with a vengeance. Every swing packs a exceptional punch, frontman Lochie Keoghthe on a ruthless tirade of self-loathing. Backyard of Eyes and Feign are absolute partitions of noise, scratching with guttural ache – you’re left wishing you can hand the poor man a throat lozenge, truthfully.

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